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What we do for Financial Advisors

QPA is an independent third party retirement plan administration, non-producing TPA company.  We have been administering retirement plans since 1995 from our offices in Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC.  Although we are proud of our roots in the Southeast, we are not limited to our geographic location and we work equally hard for our Advisor relationship across the country.  We are committed to our partnerships with investment advisors and we are in the truest sense; your partner, “never your competitor”. 

QPA can provide support to your clients under a private label or co-branded basis, and we are confident that you will appreciate our open architecture approach to retirement plan design.  This approach, coupled with our expertise and professionalism, will give you the freedom as a trusted advisor to assist your clients in their selection of the best mutual funds across all asset classes, and with no proprietary requirements.

QPA uses TPA service credits to offset our administration costs.  In addition to fee proposals, we will also work with you to provide a comprehensive compliance review, plan design illustrations for your client; we also provide you assistance in closing an important sale, and are available to accompany you to client meetings to provide support, if you would like for us to.

Please click here for our Producer Value Proposition (.pdf).  Please contact us for a new fee proposal request.

Retirement Plan Design

QPA can provide you with our pre-approved prototype or Volume Submitter plan documents for faster and more convenient implementation of your plan.  Our consultants can personally work with you to assist in the plan design ensuring the plan reflects your client’s business specifications and objectives.

Whether it is a start-up or a takeover plan, we provide services for the following types of plans:

    • 401(k) Plans

    • 403(b) Plans

    • Profit Sharing and Money Purchase Plans

    • Traditional Defined Benefit Plans (DB)

    • Cash Balance Plans

    • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

Allocation formulas include:

    • Integration with Social Security

    • Standard Profit Sharing

    • Age Weighted

    • Safe Harbor

    • Triple Stacked Match

    • New Comparability or Cross-tested

Plan Document Creation

We provide a qualified plan document for all retirement plans we service.  For new clients with existing plans, we will restate the plan document during the transition to our organization, and our plan document services include the preparation of the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and all necessary administrative forms.  In general, most qualified plans can rely on our IRS Approval Letter.  If needed, we will submit the clients plan to the IRS for a separate Determination Letter.

Plan Administration

Record Keeping

Because we are an independent company, we work with all platform providers, such as but not limited to American Funds, Broadridge/Matrix Financial Solutions, John Hancock, The Hartford, and Nationwide.  We can record-keep outside assets if you or the client wants to use a provider and self-directed brokerage accounts or self-directed brokerage accounts alone.  We will produce quarterly and annual participant statements that combine both investment products.  Keep in mind, the selection of investment provider will affect the net administration costs.

For a provider specific fee proposal, please request it here.

Compliance Testing

We perform all necessary non-discrimination compliance tests annually, or more frequently as needed. As a part of our standard services, we perform ADP/ACP testing quarterly for non-safe harbor 401(k) plans.

Government Filings

We prepare the Form 5500, an annual informational tax return, and applicable Schedules, and Electronic Authorization Form each year. Once we receive the executed Authorization Form, we electronically file the Form 5500 on the client’s behalf. We will also prepare any necessary 1099-R, 1096 Forms in the event the provider does not offer this service.


Retirement laws are complex in nature and, as such, we believe it is necessary to have an open line of communication with you to provide understanding of the provisions and governing regulations concerning your plan. Retirement Plans can be complicated and QPA can help you decipher plan document language to ensure it can be followed efficiently and accurately. Our consulting practice services can be used once, or on-going, to provide specific compliance testing, review plan operations or help resolve plan problems.

Form 5500 Issues

Form 5500’s that are filed late or not filed at all must be submitted to the Department of Labor (“DOL”) as soon as possible. Using the DOL’s Delinquent Filer Voluntary Correction Program (“DFVCP”), we assist the employer through the application process.

IRS & DOL Compliance

We guide the employer through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) correction programs to bring plans back into compliance.

IRS Audit

Plans are subject to random periodic IRS audits to insure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. QPA can assist with the preparation in the event a plan is chosen for audit or provide a plan review prior to audit selection.

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